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The Special


The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers unique services to recuperate, relax, and rejuvenate.

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Everyone needs a little lift sometimes, even us. Our Spa is currently being refreshed with an official reopening date of September 1, 2021. In the meantime, we are offering limited treatments for our guests in our private Spa Suites and Mud Lounge. Check out a few of our Standard favorites below along with the full list of our current offerings.

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Hurts So Good

Ahh.. so rewarding. There is nothing better than a massage with just the right pressure, so that you find your tension melting away. With the mixture of techniques you feel the “knots” and stress areas fully revealed, layer by layer, intense then relaxing until they have been released. Treating the deeper layer of the muscle helps to relax muscles, increases oxygen flow into your muscles and aids range of motion and overall feel good. 60 min. $190, 75 min. $220, 90 min. $250

Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures
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Looking for something else? Get paired with one of our holistic healers for a custom designed journey through your body and beyond with hands on energy healing tailored to you and what you need in the moment. Great for issues ranging from back pain, to feeling stressed out and exhausted, to reclaiming your creativity and passion for life. Essential Healing integrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual so you can live life in peak condition. 75 min. $220, 90 min. $250

Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures

Essential Healing

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Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures

Your skin is carefully assessed and treatment is tailored based upon each individual’s unique skin types and needs and signature method. Cleanse, exfoliation, lifting facial techniques along with a collagen mask and serums. Hydration and rejuvenation assured! 75 min. $250, 90 min. $275

Collagen Facial

Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures

Indulge yourself with our most luxurious manicure and pedicure. Bathe and massage your feet in warm coconut milk and floral essences in tubs filled with polished basalt river stones. Your hand + foot mistress will exfoliate you with a tropical sugar scrub, followed by a sea mineral mask to detoxify and smooth weary extremities before the actual manicure or pedicure even begins. Then it’s on to a deep hydrating massage with hot stones for a smooth finish. Manicure 45 min. $50, Pedicure 75 min. $75

Worshipped Mani/Pedi

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Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures

Inspire your skin with a vigorous full body scrub-down, sure to leave you silky smooth and get your blood flowing. We begin with a stimulating gingergrass and bamboo exfoliation. Then finish with a luscious blood orange head-to-toe rock-your-body cleansing. (Not recommended for sunburned or sensitive skin.)
30 min. $125

The Standard Scrub

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