A few of our favorite things at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

The Hamam
Part recovery center, part hydrotherapy playground, part new-age ashram, The Standard Spa reimagines the modern spa experience. A hydrotherapy paradise, complimentary to hotel guests.
Spa Treatments
Offering a full range of bodywork options to mani-pedis to natural skin care to treatments that work in combination, the professionals at The Spa have you covered.
The Pool
Nature’s tranquilizer (aka H20) is everywhere you look at The Standard Spa. The Spa combines practices from around the world into a communal ritual to refresh the body and renew the spirit.


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Retreat Yourself

Step back and find your balance. The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers workshops and retreats to recuperate, relax, and explore practices that can make a difference in your everyday life.


Autumn Astrology Immersion w/ Lori Bell

October 21 - 23, 2016

Dive into the heart of your astrological chart during an autumn weekend immersion with Lori Bell. Learn your basic astrological signature and how it influences your life and relationships. The weekend will include lecture, discussion, chart exploration, a group acupuncture session, and plenty of time for bathing and star gazing.
*Includes: 3-Day Astrology School, Zodiac Lounge Workshop, Group Acupuncture Workshop, and Spa Day Pass. Dive deeper and schedule your personal Celestial Alignment Session ($235 additional). October 21-23. 
Book your room using the promo code ASTROLOGY to enjoy a special room rate.





Program without Sleepover

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Stay the Night

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Modern Mystic Tarot w/ Kelly Knight

January 13 - 16, 2017

Led by modern mystic Kelley Knight, this workshop will provide clarity and offer perspectives to help expand your sense of self and others. With years of psyche training coupled with intuitive gifts, she can give insight that can be immediately be applied to make shifts in your life through the tarot cards. This Modern Mystic Tarot 101 two-day workshop requires no prior experience, just an interest in learning the basics of tarot. Tarot is a deep study that can take a lifetime; the aim of this class is to give you the tools to get you on your way. Expect to gain basic knowledge about the suits, numerology, pip card meanings, major Arcana meanings, and simple spreads, and get supplemental materials to take home. 

Retreat Package with sleeopver includes: Two-day workshop, daily DIY Bath Bar, and daily $25 breakfast credit. 

Rate for 3 nights, single* $1,618 | shared $1,184 per person. Friday January 13 – Monday January 16, stay in Dry Medium type room (queen size bed) 

Rate for 2 nights, single* $1,079 | shared $789 per person. Friday January 13 – Sunday January 15, stay in Dry Medium type room. (please note check in 4P and check out 1P)

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday 12 – 5P

Dive deeper and pre-schedule your private reading with Kelley Knight ($125 additional).



includes Saturday & Sunday Day Pass


Workshop without Sleepover

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2 Nights: $1,079
3 Nights: $1,618
*Single Booking Only


Stay the Night

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Retreats & Workshops

Thursday - Sunday, October 11 - 14 with Lindsay Ashmun and Margaret Mann

Join Lindsay Ashmun and Margaret Mann, of Kula Yoga Project and Bend+Bloom and Alo Yoga in NYC, for a long weekend of pure, balanced, yogic FUN. Think detox, with just enough retox.  Come prepared for some core driven, Pilates minded, strong and creative vinyasa.

In the a.m. you’ll get a head clearing dose of Ground Control, the hard stuff. We’ll use props such as therabands and gliders to crank out a breath based core conditioning workout.  In the afternoon, tuck into Slow Patrol...that flow style vinyasa you love so much. Move through the kinks with a creative sequence utilizing asana, pranayama, kriya and bhanda. We’ll dial it down with some restorative postures and you’ll rest easy in an extended savasana knowing you’ve earned that 2nd margarita.

Spend your free time sampling the spa’s many offerings or simply hang out with friends, new and old. 
Email Rooms.mia@standardhotels.com to register.


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Ground Control + Slow Patrol


Thursday - Sunday, November 1 - 4 with Vie

Treat yourself to a weekend of yoga, meditation, fresh ocean air, organic food and the ultimate in pampering at the peaceful property, a perfect getaway to nurture mind, body and spirit.

Relax, clear away stagnant energy and leave feeling refreshed & reconnected. Join NYC based meditation/yoga teachers and entrepreneurs, Julie Sacks (Vie Meditation) and Lucas Hall (NY Loves Yoga) for a weekend of relaxation.

Each day begins with 2 hours of morning yoga, guided meditation, and ends with ninety minutes of candlelight restorative yoga and deeply relaxing guided meditation under the stars. The mediations and yoga classes are all geared toward clearing away any stagnant energy, making way for your positive intentions, with a focus on gratitude, allowing you to plant positive seeds for future desires.

· One guided Mindful walk within the hotel spaces
· One 45-minute personal meditation coaching session with Julie Sacks, (Vie Meditation)
· One 45-minute personal Yoga coaching session with Lucas Hall (NY Loves Yoga)
· One -60-minute massage from the Standard Spa.
· Daily $30 Food and beverage credit towards breakfast
· Access to hotel spa, plunge pools, saunas, etc
· Enjoy me/we time, in the beautiful spaces, hotel rooms, restaurants, local adventures etc.

Cost $2,374 single or $1,869 per guest shared.

Gratitude Retreat

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Crystal Sound Conference

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Friday - Sunday, November 9 - 11, 1 - 6P with Andrew Clark

Discover the healing power of sound through a beautiful weekend immersion

• Explore the fundamentals of sound healing
• Learn how to play crystal sound baths and private sessions
• Build your own set of alchemy bowls from a world class collection
• Deepen your practice and meditations
• Release stress and tension naturally
• Raise your vibration

All are welcome… join a growing community, dive into vibrational teachings and training for anyone interested in integrating sound healing into their own practice. Experience daily Crystal Sound Baths and therapeutic spa immersion throughout the weekend as you connect with the fundamental power of sound to uplift your mind, body and spirit...Join us for an enlightening weekend!

18 CE credits available! $500 includes Crystal Sound Conference Pass + Friday-Sunday Spa Day Pass (without sleepover) $200 includes Crystal Sound Conference Pass for one day with choice of Friday, Saturday or Sunday (without sleepover)

*Book your retreat sleepover with promo code 1111for special stay rates.

Register with the Spa Desk at 305.704.3945, email thespa@standardhotels.com, or sign up below.



Tuesday September 25, 12 - 1:30P or 7 - 8:30P with Hay House Author, Jennifer Grace

Ever wish you could turn off your brain? With the endless chatter surrounding us all day long and ever-growing to-do lists, it's hard to keep your mind from racing. All that anxiety probably keeps you up at night too. And that tension in your neck and shoulders? Blame anxiety. 

It's time to stop this destructive cycle and free your self from all the worry. Studies show that mindfulness and certain meditation techniques increase serotonin (the happy hormone), which decreases anxiety and depression! Join Hay House Author Jennifer Grace to discover how to move past fear and anxiety, and step into more freedom and joy, in this powerful, 1-hour mindfulness master class. 

This workshop will help you: 
Understand your fears and anxiety so that they no longer control you; Discover how you can become the master of your thoughts by creating an easy daily mindfulness practice; Learn tools to live more in the present moment so that you can experience more peace; Reprogram negative thinking and step into a joyful life full of freedom and bliss! Complimentary Workshop. Spa Day Pass $75.

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Fearless: Overcoming Anxiety