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Come learn the ageless art of bathing. Join us for a Spa Day Pass and explore our holistic and hydrotherapy circuit inspired by global bathing cultures, self-teaching, and healing. Monday - Thursday, $75; Friday - Sunday $150. Call us or come by the Spa Desk to purchase.

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Sometimes you need to step back and take a moment to find your balance. The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers unique workshops and retreats for individuals and groups to recuperate, renew, and explore techniques, practices, and traditions in greater depth. 


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Why wait for the weekend? Enjoy $85 midweek specials, Tuesday – Thursday, all month at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach including a mani pedi, detox scrub, and renewing facial.

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The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers unique specials to recuperate, relax, and rejuvenate.



Whether you are training for a marathon or sitting in local traffic, chances are your body could use a good anti-inflammatory makeover. Start this ritual with wind-down time in the hamam, steam and sauna to slow your mind, open your pores and soften your muscles. Then we take over with a soothing, nourishing and cleansing active body mask rich in botanical anti-inflammatory properties to help remove toxins and metabolic wastes. Next comes either a 60 or 90 minute massage with an oil based on a traditional Ayurvedic recipe that targets muscle and joint stiffness and pain. Leave this ritual ready to tackle your next urban adventure. 90 min. $200 (regularly $285) 120 min. $250 (regularly $335)

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Unveil glowing skin head to toe with a detox blood orange salt body scrub in the Hamam. A luscious soothing and smoothing scrub massaging away dull and dry skin, performed on the marble stone, heavenly melting your muscles, body glowing and leaving you radiant inside out. 30 min.  $100 (regularly $125)

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We all know the signs – extreme fatigue, dehydration and indigestion – now we know the cure. This dynamic therapeutic massage will increase circulation, expel toxins, restore balance and reduce muscle aches and pains. Complete with custom aromatherapy oils, body brushing and belly massage. 75 min. $175 (regularly $200)


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Start this body detox with toning the skin and oxygenating with free ions. Then pure botanical oils with oxygenating and slimming properties are massaged into the skin with “le gant” massage gloves for optimal circulatory and exfoliating results. Followed by a cooling firming cream concentrate to firm the skin and then activate on the warm marble bed of the hamam. Complete with a hydrotherapy session, sauna, steam and relaxation time. 60 min. $165 (regularly $185)

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Customized to repair and nourish your face and neck, this intensive and holistic facial reinforces and rebuilds at the cellular level. After analyzing your skin type and condition, we’ll cleanse and purify with our gentle extraction process, balance and tone with a blend of our exceptional skin care to renew and revitalize with botanical and bio-active products which penetrate and work below the surface, where it really counts, including an energizing scalp treatment. Personalized for all skin types. 60 min. $165 (regularly $195)

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A skin renewing facial to purify and revitalize. After analyzing your skin type and condition, we treat the skin first with a cleanse then magic hands massage the face for a lymphatic draining with customized serums to firm, lift and revive the skin. Our botanical and bio-active products penetrate and work below the surface (where it really counts). Complete with a personalized detoxifying mask for results. 60 min. $155 (regularly $175)

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Enjoy the holistic benefits of botanical and flora-derived ingredients packed with antioxidants. Your feet will bask in a lemon grass scrub to gradually exfoliate and polish, followed by a super hydrating treatment to replenish moisture and restore softness, and your hands will glow after a massage with vitamin-enriched hand cream to fight premature aging. Your hands and feet will thank us after. 90 min. $100 (regularly $125)

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From the comfort of your own space with an experienced breath practitioner, come explore the therapeutic healing of Conscious Connected Breathing. Move through the mind and body, un-masking settled emotion, enlivening creative energy flow, releasing deep stress and tension. Promoting calmness and aliveness to take with you, with a new outlook and practice to apply in the everyday lifestyle. 60 min. $195 (regularly $235)

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The soothing cleansing sounds and gentle vibrations of the crystal bowls incorporated with a customized massage induce a feeling of harmony, very deep relaxation and calm the nervous system. The result is a transformative experience of well-being and beauty that comes from within. 90 min. $200 (regularly $235)

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