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Come learn the ageless art of bathing. Join us for a Spa Day Pass and explore our holistic and hydrotherapy circuit inspired by global bathing cultures, self-teaching, and healing. Call us or come by the Spa Desk to purchase. Monday - Thursday, $75; Friday - Sunday $150. 

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Sometimes you need to step back and take a moment to find your balance. The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers unique workshops and retreats for individuals and groups to recuperate, renew, and explore techniques, practices, and traditions in greater depth. 


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Inspire your skin with a vigorous full body scrub-down, sure to leave you silky smooth and get your blood flowing. Begin in our Aroma Steam Room or full-length soaking tubs to soften skin and open pores. Follow with a stimulating gingergrass and bamboo exfoliation. Then finish with a luscious blood orange head-to-toe rock-your-body cleansing. (Not recommended for sunburned or sensitive skin.) 30 min. $100, regularly $115

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The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers unique monthly specials to recuperate, relax, and rejuvenate.


Start this body ritual with toning the skin and oxygenating with free ions. Then pure botanical oils with oxygenating and slimming properties are massaged into the skin with “le gant” massage gloves for optimal circulatory and exfoliating results. Followed by a cooling firming cream concentrate to firm the skin and then activate on the warm marble bed of the hamam. Complete with a hydrotherapy session, sauna, steam and relaxation time...60 min. $150, regularly $165

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This combination of Thai yoga stretches and firm compressions loosens and lengthens sore, tight muscles. This treatment is a great way to help restore balance to your active body and to combat chronic areas of tightness. Can be done either on our plush tables, or on a traditional Thai mat. Wear loose, comfortable clothes for easy movement. 90 min. $200, regularly $235

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Vibrational beauty, using the natural properties of crystals and minerals; this facial will leave your skin luminous and glowing from the inside out. First, a gentle cleanse and tone, followed by a gemstone exfoliation and crystal mask, and intense hydration to repair. Then, a refreshing cool facial massage with crystal wands to close. 60 min. $160, regularly $180

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Revitalize and repair the skin on the hands and feet naturally in this pampering manicure and pedicure ritual. First, slip your feet into a skin softening soak. Then a cleansing with lathering beldi soap and an Argan oil and dead sea salt scrub for instant glow. Followed by heavenly hand and foot massage with Argan oil and balm to replenish and restore dry skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated. 105 min. $95, regularly $125


$85 MIDWEEK SPECIALS (Tuesday - Thursday only)

Summer Smoothing Scrub: Unveil glowing skin head to toe with a rich creamy body scrub in the hamam. A luscious soothing and smoothing scrub massaging away dull and dry skin, performed on the marble stone, heavenly melting your muscles, body glowing and leaving you radiant inside out. 30 min. $85

Summer Manicure & Pedicure: Soak your tired feet in an energizing lemongrass bath, a rich salt and essential oil blend, stimulating and soothing, beneficial in helping with tired muscles. Then invigorate and refine your skin with a creamy lemon-grass exfoliation from the knees to the feet. Followed by a deeply relaxing massage of the lower legs, and a double action skin nourishing treatment before completing the pedicure and manicure. 90 min. $85

Summer Facial Glow: This right-to-the-point holistic facial incorporates a system of advanced integrated nourishment for the skin inside out. Balanced just re-new, restore and reposition the skin, a dual action cleanse, facial massage, light exfoliation and skin renewing gel mask, sure to unveil luminous, firm, and radiant skin. 30 min. $85

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