A few of our favorite things at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

The Hamam
Part recovery center, part hydrotherapy playground, part new-age ashram, The Standard Spa reimagines the modern spa experience. A hydrotherapy paradise, complimentary to hotel guests.
Spa Treatments
Offering a full range of bodywork options to mani-pedis to natural skin care to treatments that work in combination, the professionals at The Spa have you covered.
The Pool
Nature’s tranquilizer (aka H20) is everywhere you look at The Standard Spa. The Spa combines practices from around the world into a communal ritual to refresh the body and renew the spirit.


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Retreat Yourself

Step back and find your balance. The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers workshops and retreats to recuperate, relax, and explore practices that can make a difference in your everyday life.


Autumn Astrology Immersion w/ Lori Bell

October 21 - 23, 2016

Dive into the heart of your astrological chart during an autumn weekend immersion with Lori Bell. Learn your basic astrological signature and how it influences your life and relationships. The weekend will include lecture, discussion, chart exploration, a group acupuncture session, and plenty of time for bathing and star gazing.
*Includes: 3-Day Astrology School, Zodiac Lounge Workshop, Group Acupuncture Workshop, and Spa Day Pass. Dive deeper and schedule your personal Celestial Alignment Session ($235 additional). October 21-23. 
Book your room using the promo code ASTROLOGY to enjoy a special room rate.





Program without Sleepover

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Stay the Night

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Modern Mystic Tarot w/ Kelly Knight

January 13 - 16, 2017

Led by modern mystic Kelley Knight, this workshop will provide clarity and offer perspectives to help expand your sense of self and others. With years of psyche training coupled with intuitive gifts, she can give insight that can be immediately be applied to make shifts in your life through the tarot cards. This Modern Mystic Tarot 101 two-day workshop requires no prior experience, just an interest in learning the basics of tarot. Tarot is a deep study that can take a lifetime; the aim of this class is to give you the tools to get you on your way. Expect to gain basic knowledge about the suits, numerology, pip card meanings, major Arcana meanings, and simple spreads, and get supplemental materials to take home. 

Retreat Package with sleeopver includes: Two-day workshop, daily DIY Bath Bar, and daily $25 breakfast credit. 

Rate for 3 nights, single* $1,618 | shared $1,184 per person. Friday January 13 – Monday January 16, stay in Dry Medium type room (queen size bed) 

Rate for 2 nights, single* $1,079 | shared $789 per person. Friday January 13 – Sunday January 15, stay in Dry Medium type room. (please note check in 4P and check out 1P)

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday 12 – 5P

Dive deeper and pre-schedule your private reading with Kelley Knight ($125 additional).



includes Saturday & Sunday Day Pass


Workshop without Sleepover

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2 Nights: $1,079
3 Nights: $1,618
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Retreats & Workshops


July 17 – July 20 with Amy Galper

Amy Galper of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy comes to The Standard Spa, Miami Beach for a comprehensive course on aromatherapy and essential oils. The Aromatherapy Aroma 101 Certification Program includes 40 hours of immersive lessons open to all guests and spa professionals (approved for 30 CE for massage therapists). Upon successful completion of the course, students will have knowledge in all aspects of aromatherapy, from its history and modern development to designing an effective blend for basic skincare.

$1,250 Aromatherapy Aroma 101 Certification Program includes: 30-hours of aromatherapy workshop classes plus 10 individual hours, National Aromatherapy Certification, an aromatherapy kit including a book and essential oils, daily yoga classes, a daily DIY bath bar, a Spa Day Pass, and 10% off spa service treatments (schedule with The Standard Spa Menu).

Monday 9:30AM – 6:30PM; Tuesday 9:30AM – 6:30PM; Wednesday 9:30AM – 6:30PM; Thursday 9:30AM – 4PM.

Stay the Night: 4 Nights Single from $2,621 | Shared from $2,210 per Guest (Shared Queen Bed) 

Room package includes all of the offers above plus a daily $25 breakfast credit.

To reserve a room for the retreat, please call 305-673-1717 or retreat@standardhotels.com.

4-Night Rates from 
$2621 (Single) | $2210 (Shared)


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Course without Sleepover

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Q&A: Thursday October 12, 7 - 8:30P with Ellen Frazer-Jameson

Meet author, journalist, and broadcaster Ellen Frazer-Jameson for a casual introduction to her 5-week intensive Write Your Book or Blog workshop starting October 18, 2017.

Complimentary. Includes Thursday Spa Day Pass.

Workshop: Wednesdays October 18 - November 15, 7 - 8:30PM with Ellen Frazer-Jameson

Join Ellen Frazer-Jameson on a journey to create your very own book or blog in just 30 days! This workshop will give you the tools to find and use your unique voice to create inspiring written work. Meet aspiring authors on this transformative workshop every Wednesday night from October 18 - November 15. 

Register with the Spa Desk or email thespa@standardhotels.comfor the first $375 payment before October 18 with a signed credit card authorization authorizing the second $375 payment to be charged November 1, 2017. The $750 total includes a Wednesday Spa Day Pass.


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Write Your Book

Sign Up Q&ASign Up Workshop


Saturday June 24 & Sunday June 25, 1 – 5P with Lorraine Meyer

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to tap into a realm of truth, knowledge and awareness?  Something as simple as turning on your computer and asking a question?  Then join Lorraine Meyer, The Standard’s Reiki Master and Akashic Records Teacher, as she leads the Akashic Records Reading Workshop. This journey through time and space does not require hours of meditation and anyone can learn to connect to what has been called, “The Book of Life.” 

The energy and vibration of each Soul’s journey is recorded in the matrix that surrounds us. Everyone has the potential to connect to this information. Once we are linked into this intelligence, it is possible to receive guidance; healing and much more from those Lorraine lovingly refers to as our Masters, Teachers and Guides. These are the energetic entities, who many call their angels, muses, guardians and spirit guides.In this two day workshop, Lorraine will share a sacred prayer, which acts as the “key” to opening your own records. Heart expanding, life affirming, healing exercises validate your connection to the Akashic Records. By the end of the day, each participant will feel comfortable accessing their own Akashic Records and receiving answers to questions they may have about their own life, including, but not limited to; the challenges they have faced and the possibilities they have created.

Each participant received the One True Love Manual as well as a copy of the book, Akashic Records - One True Love by Gabrielle Orr. $225 includes Saturday & Sunday Spa Day Pass. (without sleepover) *Book your retreat sleepover with promo code REIKI for special stay rates. We recommend to book early best rate and availability.

$225 includes Saturday & Sunday Spa Day Pass (without sleepover)

To register, contact the Spa Desk or email thespa@standardhotels.com

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Two-Day Workshop

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Reiki I - August 19

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Reiki II - August 20

Reiki I: Saturday August 19, 10 – 5P with Lorraine Meyer

This simple, yet effective technique is based on the idea that an energy life force flows within and around all of us. Reiki Master & Reiki Teacher Lorraine Meyer has dedicated herself to discovering the origins of Reiki and to teaching this healing technique with a blend of traditional and western methods. Lorraine’s Reiki I Class explores the principals and practice of Self-Healing, so important in our modern society; where we tend to neglect our inward longings and focus on material concerns. Participants will be introduced to this simple, yet effective transformative energy and walk away with a self-healing tool they can use for a lifetime. 

In this day long workshop, participants will transcend the mundane, enjoy guided meditation and learn hands on healing techniques for soothing, relaxing and healing the mind and body.  They will also experience Lorraine’s unique ability to assist them in awakening or deepening their intuitive nature.While Reiki I focuses on Self-Healing, time is also spent in learning the basics of sharing Reiki with others, and when that is appropriate. While in the workshop and under Lorraine’s guidance, students may choose to both receive and share Reiki with each other.

Reiki I Course includes: The History of Usui Reiki, Learning and Reciting the Five Reiki Principals, Hand Placements for Self-Healing and Basics for Healing Others, Discussion of Chakras, Meditation and Attunements, Ethics Discussion, and Spa Day Pass to enjoy before 11/1/17

Reiki II: Sunday August 20, 10 – 5P with Lorraine Meyer

Reiki II is an opportunity to delve even further into the transformative nature of this amazing, yet simple practice. In this full day workshop, our Reiki Master, Lorraine Meyer reveals to participants the restorative power one can create when holding sacred space, with a loving heart and healing intentions. Mikao Usui, who formulated this technique, used sacred symbols to represent the infinite nature of life force, the love it is shared with and the concept that we are all connected and may, therefore, send healing energy to those at a distance from us. These symbols and how they are used are the main focus of the day.This clear, concise and hands-on class gives all participants the opportunity to discover the relaxation, healing and balance available through Reiki practice. Class includes an opportunity for each participant to give and receive a Reiki Healing Session.

Reiki II Course includes: Learning to draw and use the Reiki Symbols, the techniques of Reiki Distant Healing,      techniques for clearing the energy fields, techniques for participating in a Reiki Circle, Reiki Level II Attunement, and        Spa Day Pass to enjoy before 11/1/17

$250 includes Spa Day Pass, plus a Certificate of Completion and Lineage and ICRT Manual, Reiki: The Healing Touch. Book your retreat sleepover with promo code REIKI for special stay rates. We recommend to book early best rate and availability.


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Yoga Teacher Training

Full Payment of $3200

September 8 - October 15, 6 consecutive weekends with Elgar Richards & The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Inspired to start teaching or simply to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga? Join us for a very unique, 6-weekend Yoga Teacher Training Program to delve deeper into the study of yoga and yourself! This training will be led by one of Miami’s most well-known yoga instructors, Elgar , in addition to senior yoga faculty from our beautifully diverse Miami yoga community. Our experienced guest teachers will offer courses on various subjects and disciplines. The unique nature of this program is that it is experience-based, not relying on information alone. A set of daily deep and powerful yogic practices, both ancient and contemporary, will set an ambiance whereby participants will have a direct experience of what yoga is, much more than just postures and information alone. Come experience yoga from within and embark on a journey that will transform your life from the inside out!

6 Consecutive Weekends: September 8 - 10, September 15 - 17, September 22 - 24, September 29 - October 1, October 6 - 8 and October 13 - 15 Yoga Teacher Training Schedule,Friday 6 - 9P, Saturday 10A - 8P and Sunday 10A - 8P

Includes all class modules, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma approved by Yoga Alliance, includes Spa Day Pass during teaching weekends.

$3200 includes all 6 weekend program , 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma approved by Yoga Alliance, includes Spa Day Pass Teaching Weekends. Also choose from two separate payments of $1600.



Friday October 6 - Sunday October 8, with Future Design Station

A weekend full of programming by the Future Design Station. Plunge into a space of self-exploration and transformation with a feel good weekend at The Standard Spa, Miami and embrace in Rejuvenation Rituals, Serene Silent Meditation, Digital Disconnection and explore sacred garden walks, detoxifying visits to the Hamam, indoor and outdoor baths, while we guide you to cultivate radiance and ultimate bliss from the inside out. You will have choice to have your Retreat at The Standard Spa, Miami for 2 nights Retreat Stay or participate without sleepover with a Retreat Pass. Welcome to Autumn Transformation. 

Future Design Station’s Autumn Transformation Retreat Program is designed to help you find ways to envision a sustainable relationship within one’s human design and the technology of the one’s body, in order to learn how to integrate the daily rituals and routines in a “Well-Lifestyle” of constant digital connection. 

Schedule: Friday 4 – 10P, Saturday 7:30A – 10P & Sunday 7:30 – 1P 

$1550 includes Friday – Sunday Spa Day Pass (without sleepover)

2-night Retreat Stay: To register for the 2 night Retreat Stay contact Mel Vo FutureDesignStation@gmail.com

2 Night Single Retreat Stay from $1980  |  2 Night Shared Retreat Stay from $1735 per guest

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Autumn Retreat 

(without sleepover)

Friday November 17 - Sunday November 19 with Ellen Frazer-Jameson

Looking for the perfect place to find inspiration to write, research and complete your book or blog or content for your website? Join other creatives in writing workshops, inspirational meditation, visualization and life enriching spa times. The Standard Spa, Miami will give you the space and reflective insight to gather your thoughts on paper. Join Author, Journalist, and Broadcaster Ellen Frazer-Jameson, she will guide you this weekend to develop from idea to manuscript to publication, how to find your voice and unique point of view, start a writing practice with expert guidance, writing methods, tips and techniques, motivation and problem solving and much more to make your author transformation reality. It takes 30 days to establish a habit - becoming a writer and an author! Make "I am an author" reality. 

$600 includes Author's 3 Day Intensive Workshops, Friday – Sunday Spa Day Pass (without sleepover) 

*Book your retreat sleepover with promo code AUTHOR for special stay rates. We recommend to book before October for best rate and availability. 

Register with Spa Desk or email thespa@standardhotels.com and for stay www.standardhotels.com/miami 

Schedule: Friday 7 - 8.30P; Saturday 10A – 5P (hour break); Sunday 10A – 1P


3-Day Intensive & Retreat

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Friday November 10 & Saturday November 11, with Christi Idavoy

Immerse yourself in the physically and intellectually stimulating Polestar Pilates Immersion program this summer with a weekend of Pilates. Designed to provide a fundamental understanding of Pilates and the Polestar approach that provokes a shift in the way you think, feel and look at movement, this weekend will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. As it is derived from science-based body mechanics, Polestar Pilates offers the tools to produce efficient exercise in a way that strengthens, rehabilitates and prevents injuries. In this program, selected Pilates Mat exercises are taught to provide practical and applicable knowledge of form and sequencing techniques. It serves as a gateway to realizing the complete benefits of accurate exercise.The online course fortifies the fundamental principles and history of Pilates, and consists of three lectures: Pilates history and evolution, Polestar movement principles, and professional ethics and scope of practice. Each of these sections is followed by a brief written exam online. You will experience a variety of movement sequences throughout the course that can be immediately incorporated into health and fitness programs, whether they are your own and or your clients as a teacher. 

$395 includes online course, 16hr onsite experience, manual + flash cards and Spa Day Pass. 

*Book your retreat sleepover with promo code POLESTAR for special stay rates. We recommend to book early best rate and availability. 

Schedule: Friday: 10A - 1P/2 – 8P, Saturday: 10A - 1/ 2 - 6P

Polestar Pilates

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 Promo Code: REIKI
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Stay the Night

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Yoga Teacher Training

Two Payments of $1600